Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer all your questions, if you do not find what your looking for, please go ahead and send us a message – here

What are broadcasting frequencies?

We are currently an exclusively online radio. Therefore you don’t need wave frequencies in order to listen to our programs. Just go online and search for us under When you get on our home page, CLICK LISTEN LIVE to tune in to our programs.

I was listening to the radio and it went off all of a sudden and I can’t hear anything.

Because we an online radio, now and then the network might experience a few breaks which might cause your signal or transmission to break. All you have to do is click on the PLAY button again. This will reboot you transmission and it should play again. If it happens that it was a break in our network in our studios and we have to reboot our systems, this remedy may not work. Exit your player and give it about five minutes and try logging on again. We’re usually back online within that time or less.

I can’t get a steady radio stream. It keeps breaking up.

Sometimes this is due to the speed of your network. If you’re running a dial-up internet network or any other slower network, this might result in unstable streaming.